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Hey there! I am so happy you are here. My goal is to guide you through a bio-individual Nutritional Therapy journey, teaching you how to nourish your body, reduce toxic load, and implement these lifestyle changes into your busy schedule.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional Therapy includes dietary recommendations, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle coaching to bring you closer to achieving optimal health. If you've tried every diet and work-out regimine and still feel like garbage, you are in the right place.

Most diet plans fall short because they aren't tailored to your specific nutritional needs. That's where a thorough nutritional assessment and functional testing comes into play. Even if you learn WHAT to eat, how the heck do you implement it into your crazy schedule, get your family to cooperate, and make long lasting changes? That's where I come in!

Let's get to the root of it together.

What if eating healthy could be simple AND effective at helping you reach your health goals?

With 1:1 Nutritional Therapy Coaching, you'll get everything you need to succeed:

Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment & HTMA Functional Testing

The assessment shows what areas of the body are in need of nutritional support. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) provides information on metabolic type, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, organ function, stress levels, and more.

Targeted Dietary and Supplement Recommendations

Nutritional Therapy provides information needed for a personalized dietary plan, NOT a one-size-fits-all diet. We focus on nourishing your body and filling in the nutrient gaps to allow your body to heal and thrive.

Lifestyle Coaching

Stress management, sleep, exercise, cooking, meal planning, relaxation, self-care, feeding families, changing habits, and more! Knowing what to eat is not enough. Learning how to implement these changes into YOUR life is where lasting health for you and your family is found.

Meet Your Nutrition Coach

Hey friends, I'm Natalie Beckrich, FNTP. I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to be part of your health journey.

A bit about me... I have a background in Dietetics - but to be honest, that isn't what inspired me to do this amazing work. In fact, after I graduated, I didn't think I was ever going to work in nutrition. It wasn't until I had my first child that I was led back to this path. I experienced a traumatic birth and was severely injured. I was not healing post partum and conventional medicine ran out of options for me. Eventually I got connected to a holistic practitioner that turned my health around faster than I could believe. I had found what had been missing so I dove into the holistic and functional nutrition field.

I've been where you are - trying everything and still feeling awful. Doctors telling you your labs are normal, this is just stress or aging, and offering medications that come with risks and side effects. I'm here to tell you there is another way.

In health,

Natalie Beckrich, FNTP

A look inside Nutritional Therapy with Natalie

Learn about the food you eat, get to the root of your health struggles, and find solutions for lasting wellness

Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)

A thorough symptom questionnaire and health history are completed prior to your first appointment.

  • Share your health struggles, your goals, and what you hope to learn by working together
  • Identify a starting point by learning which areas of your body need nutritional support most

HTMA - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Functional Testing

A non-diagnostic, non-invasive test, HTMA results identify your metabolic type, mineral levels and deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, stress stages, organ function, personality tendnecies, and more.

  • Provides an in-depth nutritional analysis and insight on how your body is functioning at the cellular level
  • Allows for targeted nutritional therapy recommendations based on your body's data

Dietary & Supplement Recommendations

Based on your assessment, test results, and food journal, we work together to build achievable and effective dietary plans.

  • You learn what foods to avoid, but more importantly, you'll learn what you need to add in to your routine
  • Clients get a discount on high quality, professional-grade supplements through my online dispensary. Click the Buy Supplements tab at the top to create your FullScript account.

Lifestyle Coaching

Health is SO much more than an "eat this, not that" list. Holistic health looks at the body as a whole, and takes various aspects into consideration. You'll learn about how stress is affecting your health and stopping you from achieving your goals - AND what you can do about it. You'll learn about the importance of sleep and it's role in healing the body. You'll learn about cooking techniques and meal planning. You'll learn about toxin and chemical exposure in products you use every day, and better options to choose.

  • Sometimes the HOW is more important than the WHAT. Lifestyle coaching in combination with nutritional recommendations is where the magic happens!
  • All the reasons why you couldn't succeed in your health journey before will be addressed. You'll have an accountability partner to help you find solutions, stay motivated, and achieve your goals.


IMPORTANT: This is NOT for you if...

You want a one-size-fits-all diet plan

You won't recieve a long list of things to cut out of your diet, or a restrictive list of the only foods you're allowed to eat. I aim to TEACH you about your body, about the foods you eat, and about other factors that are affecting your health. This takes more effort than a crash diet because it is meant to be long lasting and lead to life long health choices.

You're looking for a quick fix or a crash diet

Healing takes time. Changing habits takes time. Your body works in layers, and we cannot peel them all back at once. Crash diets add stress to the body and will ultimately make your health worse. Nutritional Therapy will kick-start your healing journey now, while also teaching you valuable skills to remain healthy for years to come.

You're unwilling to do actively participate and DO the work

Improving your health takes effort. It isn't always easy, but it's my job to make it simple for you. Sometimes healing is uncomfortable. Sometimes breaking habits is challenging. Sometimes learning new skills is difficult. But speaking from my own experience, seeking health is SO worth it. You'll have my support the whole way.

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